Frequently Asked Questions


What is the IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge?


The IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge is a first-of-its-kind Impact Enterprise (IE) competition that aims to accelerate Asia’s peacebuilding agenda by identifying and supporting IEs working to empower women, engage youth, and catalyze innovation and technology in a scalable and sustainable way.

When is the deadline?

GOOD NEWS! We’ve extended the deadline to Wednesday, 23 September 2015, although we strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible. We will review applications as they stream into our mailboxes to ensure that they are complete. Hence, apply early to have your application reviewed sooner, and gain a greater chance of success!

How do I know if my organization qualifies for the Challenge?

Firstly, your organization must be an Impact Enterprise that is either registered or has proven positive social impact in the communities in one or more of the six countries: Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan or the Philippines.

Secondly, simply show us here how your Impact Enterprise contributes to scalable, sustainable and inclusive peace in the communities where you work.

What is an Impact Enterprise?

Impact Enterprises are mission-driven social enterprises, SMEs with positive social impact, and non-profits that generate revenue. Most notably, these are organization that bring positive social impact to marginalized communities and development challenges, through financially sustainable market-based solutions.

Does my organization need to be based in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan or the Philippines?

No, but you need to show that the work and the impact it makes is in at least one of these countries.

I don’t own an Impact Enterprise. Can I still participate?

Yes! Here’s how you can participate – if you work in an Impact Enterprise or know someone who does, engage the approval and commitment from the most senior decision-maker(s) in the Impact Enterprise and encourage them to join in this Challenge!

I work in more than one Impact Enterprise. Can I enter multiple Impact Enterprises?

Yes, but in the event that your Impact Enterprise is shortlisted, we will only pick one Impact Enterprise if the person representing the multiple Impact Enterprises is the same.

Alternatively, you can arrange your partners/managers to be key representatives for each Impact Enterprise that you are entering the Challenge with.

What do I get out of this?

Six winning finalists will get an exclusive chance to make a trip to New York City* to attend a special UNDP-hosted event  on 22 October 2015, to personally showcase the work of their Impact Enterprises and share it with leaders from the impact investment and development sectors, as well as UN representatives.

* Travel and accommodation costs will be covered, contingent on approval of visa and security criteria.

What is the process of the Challenge?

Impact Enterprises are invited to submit their applications by 18 September, Friday.

All completed applications will be reviewed rigorously. Up to 10 candidates will be shortlisted for an interview via an Internet phone call (e.g. Skype, Google Hangout, etc) and may be asked to submit further necessary documents.

By early October, six winning finalists will be selected and informed, and be invited to showcase the work of their Impact Enterprise

Who are the judges?

All applications will be reviewed by a team at IIX with inputs from practitioners at the N-Peace Network, so that we can blend our expertise on social enterprises and impact assessment with peacebuilding knowledge and practice.

What will my application be judged on?

Most importantly, we are looking for Impact Enterprises whose work is contributing to scalable, sustainable and inclusive peace in communities that have been affected by conflict or are at high risk of conflict, through one of the following focus areas:

  1. Women’s inclusion and empowerment
  2. Engagement of youth, either as beneficiaries or as leaders of the Impact Enterprise
  3. Advancing the use of technology and/or other forms of innovative platforms to scale impact

These focus areas are not mutually exclusive and successful Impact Enterprises may target one or more areas.

Applications will also be judged based on

  1. Strength of your management team
  2. Extent to which your business model is defensible in the competitive landscape that you are operating in
  3. How scalable and replicable your organization model is
  4. Likelihood of your Impact Enterprise capturing a share of the market, as well as the demonstration of your cash flow viability and capital efficiency.


Can I complete the application in my local language?

We’re sorry, but all entries must be in English.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, representatives of Impact Enterprises must be aged at least 18 years, or of contractual age in your respective country, by the date of your entry.

What if I have questions not covered in this FAQ?

Drop us an email at!